ChuChus are playable characters in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

The Chuchus are small space mouse that make their debut in ChuChu Rocket. The ChuChus consist of a blue ChuChu (Chiuh) a red ChuChu (ChuPea) a green Chuchu (ChuBach) a yellow ChuChu (ChuBei).

Chiuh is the leader of the ChuChus. The ChuChus ride a rocket that is similar to their games which can fit all 4 of them, though the rocket has a less average acceleration but it does have good speed for catching up with other racers.

The ChuChus have an all-star move called "Cat-Walker" where they began to alert that a KapuKapu is coming after them, the rocket flies away with the Blue ChuChu being left behind and standing on top of the KapuKapu. During the all-star move, the player can control the KapuKapu's direction to chase after other players and eat them. After the all-star ends, the rocket that the 3 ChuChus are in crash on top of the KapuKapu, destroying it and the ChuCus are reunited.

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