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Simon Lane, born March 14, 1978, is a founding member of the Yogscast, along with Lewis Brindley. His in game name (IGN) is usually Honeydew and he plays a dwarf in any situation he can. Simon is a world renowned strongman, entertainer, astronaut, and, of course, a budding musician. Some of Simon's most endearing songs are "Diggy Diggy Hole", an instant hit with the Yognau(gh)ts, "Elephant Having A Wank," which was a parody of a Parry Gripp song and "Archer Hero". Simon attended the University of Cardiff where he studied astrophysics, however he dropped out before obtaining his degree. For instance, in an episode of YogTrailers, Simon told an embarrassing story about an event that happened during a lecture.[1]

Simon enjoys cute animals which is quite noticeable in the "Aaaaaaaaaaaaw!" sound. Simon also has an extreme fondness for Jaffa Cakes. His Minecraft talents are: everything related with pigs, things related with fire (except putting it out) and making things explode. In Minecraft he role plays as a ginger dwarf.

Simon and Lewis began uploading videos to YouTube in July of 2008. Their YouTube channel, BlueXephos, initially started out as a World of Warcraft "How-To" channel, in which they uploaded videos of their guild, Ye Olde Goone Squade, killing bosses, with commentary on how to beat said boss in the foreground. The first episode of the YoGPoD was released in February of 2009 and was recorded during the snowy days of February which occurred that year, thus, the first episode was named "Snowcast." Simon was infamous on the YoGPoD for his laid-back attitude towards his listeners, frequently telling stalkers like Rasmus Richter to "Fuck Off!"

Yogscast SummaryEdit

Simon is the creative force behind The Yogscast, known as the singer of "Diggy Diggy Hole" and "The Man of a Thousand Voices, all of which sound oddly similar". Simon’s charm, wit and endearing silliness are unmatched. Simon is the best!


  • Simon is known to have a rather ridiculous fondness for Jaffa Cakes, which he mentions in countless videos. His love for Jaffa Cakes ultimately leads Lewis, Duncan, Sjin, and Sips to assist him in building a Jaffa Cake Factory as the goal for their Tekkit series.
  • Simon's bedroom light got shot by Lewis with a confetti gun on their 1 million subscriber celebration video.
  • Simon's car was crushed some time during the early episodes of the YoGPoDs.
  • Inside Simon's bedroom, he has a cardboard cut out of Doctor Who character Amy Pond. Simon's relationship to Amy has been brought up on multiple occasions, notably when Simon goes to kiss Amy on New Year's Day, only for his headset to fall off. During the Rezzed 2014 Q&A panel, Simon mentioned that he still had the cutout, most likely meaning he still has it today.
  • Simon's obsession with Tina Barrett was revealed to have come from a pilot episode of the YoGPoD which was recorded prior to YoGPoD 1: Snowscast and has yet to be released to the public. This was brought up in the first few episodes of the YoGPoD and, despite being persuaded by Stayven of Ensidia on the Nordrassil Radio Interview, Lewis and Simon don't have plans to release the podcast anytime soon.
  • It was also revealed in YogTrailers and more specifically, during the episode of the trailer for the Katy Perry Sweet Treats DLC for The Sims 3 that Simon has an affection for both Katy Perry and Olivia Wilde.
  • In the early episodes of the YoGPoD it is revealed that Simon smoked. One particular occasion was when he was "half out the window having a fag", and Lewis was telling him the top 5 jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for that year. Simon no longer smokes but still has nicotine capsules which was revealed on their video, The Dropper 2 Part 2.
  • Simon has once failed a course in astrophysics whilst studying at Cardiff University.
  • Sometime during Simon's stay in Cardiff, he was kicked off a radio show after calling the host a bastard, live on air, for interrupting an Alanis Morissette song.
  • Joffo Cake is the name given to Jaffa Cakes by Simon when the breach of copyright may be possible.
  • In YoGPoD 37 - Hodor!, Lewis says Simon owns a copy of Pokemon White for the Nintendo DS, but Hannah plays it more than he (Simon) does.
  • In SethBling's Minecraft map, Pile of Bodies, Honeydew's head had a command block with the command "/give Honeydew 46 64", a reference to the magical spell with the same name.
  • In "InTheLittleBox - Famili.. YOGS!", Martyn Littlewood reported that Simon enjoys singing the phrase "its deep underground!" from Screw The Nether while using the bathrooms at YogTowers due to the echo that the room supplies.
  • Simon is an avid Doctor Who fan.
  • Simon once put a tin can in the microwave as said in Planetoids Part 3.
  • SEGA has released a downloadable Simon character for the PC version of Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed and donated all proceeds to charity.
  • Simon voiced Bubble, one of the two heads of a dragon in the Polaris series of Broken Quest.
  • In Minecraft Diversity #19, Simon confirms that Charles is his middle name.
  • It took 22 episodes for Simon to find out that Shadow of Israphel was scripted.[2]
  • Simon, along with Lewis, was a guest on episode 23 of The Shaft.
  • Simon mentioned in YoGPoD 27 that the first game he ever played "was most likely Jet Set Willy or something like that".
  • Simon is near-sighted as one eye is much worse than his other. This causes him to have different strengths of lense in his glasses, meaning that one eye looks larger than the other.
  • As of YoGPoD 27, Simon stated that he had a Blackberry phone, however in Turpster's video about his car dying during the Heroes & Generals Challenge, Simon is seen recording with an iPhone. When this transition happened in unknown. It was recently mentioned by Martyn in one of his InTheLittleDream vlogs, however, that Simon now has an iPhone 6.
  • Amongst his other nicknames and aliases, for a short period of time in 2010, his Steam name was Alejandew, presumably a play-on-words of the Lady Gaga song 'Alejandro' and Simon's username 'Honeydew'.
  • As of YoGPoD 27, the most "baller" thing Simon has ever done was when he once punched a woman whilst in a bear costume. Simon also revealed in the YoGPoD that the most "gangster" thing he has ever done is high-fiving a black man.
  • Simon to known to have illegally torrented files before and is also known to have illegally emulated games (such as Super Mario Bros and Doctor Mario for the Nintendo DS as well as Pokemon Leafgreen for the Game Boy Advance).
  • At the beginning of YoGPoD 14, Simon stated that he and his friends had "taken some substances that affect how your mind works" as well as something along the lines of "my mate was smoking something". Lewis later mentioned that "was it just you and him smoking weed?" and Simon doesn't object or argue against this. He also later says in the same YoGPoD that "maybe I was too stoned to feel anything". This confirms that Simon did experiment with drugs (specifically weed, according to Lewis) when he was "around 20" as he stated in the YoGPoD episode.
  • Whilst taking these "substances", Simon tried to find a bathroom and after finding what he thought was a bathroom, he tried to find a lightswitch. Whilst doing so, his hand "felt like it was being held and gripped on to very tightly" but he eventually managed to pull away and find a lightswitch. When he looked to find out what had grabbed him, he saw a hole in the wall, with bare wires (with electricity going through them) and pieced together that he had put his hand into the hole, electrocuting himself and that felt like someone was grabbing him.
  • Simon has done the ice bucket challenge and donated to ALS like other yogscast members such as Brent Copeland, Martyn Littlewood, John Cochrane, Samuel Thorne and Hannah Rutherford.
  • During one episode of the YoGPoD, Simon mentioned that his and Lewis' fathers are called Alan.
  • As told by Lewis during their Rezzed 2014 Q&A panel, Simon worked as a security guard at an elderly people's home before going full-time on Youtube.
  • When Simon went to the Career Advisor during school, he was told that it would be good for him to go into Insurance and become an Insurance Actuary, although no one, other than those in the insurance industry, knows what an actuary is.
  • In the early years of the Yogscast, Simon famously wore a bright blue Superman hoodie. However, it was mentioned by Simon during the Rezzed 2014 Q&A panel that he no longer has it within his possession as it got too wore out to wear anymore.
  • The Superman hoodie was what he wore when he first met Warwick Davis in meet & greet event in a shopping mall in Essex in 2010.
  • Also in the earlier years of the Yogscast, Simon used to live in a shared house with a housemate, 2 of which we know of. A man by the name of Simon Ricards (the spelling of his surname was never specified) who was mentioned to have been courting a woman in the house downstairs whilst Simon was shouting at Lewis upstairs and James, the most memorable of the two who was mentioned multiple times in the YoGPoD.
  • Simon once had an OKcupid profile and account, as mentioned during a YoGPoD episode in which Simon and Lewis discuss Simon's best matches and worst enemies according to the number of questions that Simon answered. No Yognau(gh)t has ever found this account so it is to be assumed it was taken down after Simon and Lewis' skyrocket in popularity however it could also be possible that Simon met somebody through the site and hence, he took the account down as he no longer had use for it.
  • To this very day however, it is unknown if Simon actually has a boyfriend or girlfriend, or not.
  • At Rezzed 2014, Simon claimed that his greatest aspiration was to become a plumber and that, if he was no longer a youtuber, he would pursue this career as "People will always need plumbers".
  • Simon is a Star Wars fan. He watched "Return of the Jedi", when it came out in 1983, causing him to shudder at the thought. This was because he was only "A wee lad" at the time and "didn't appreciate the deep, artistic elements".

Notable QuotesEdit

For a complete list, see Simon Lane/Quotes.
  • "When I grow up, I'm going to be a potaytoe"
  • "Follo' me, I'll lead the way!"
  • "Fack off!"
  • "Uguu"
  • "See ya later, shitlords!"
  • "Balls to this!"
  • "That's a very nice everything you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it."
  • "Come ere' ya bugger!"
  • "I am a Dwarf and I'm Digging a Hole!"
  • "Trucking Tuesday! Honk Honk!"
  • "Literally Hitler!"
  • "Still a better love story than Twilight!"
  • "Hey! Listen!"
  • "I'm an old man - and I've fallen over. I can't get up. But it's alright... because - I've got me iPod, and I'm listening... to the YogPod."
  • "Swampy! Awayyy!"
  • "Professor Grizwald!"
  • "Lewis?!"
  • "Ooh! Oooh! Oooh! Little bit o' wee came out..."
  • "Give me a kiss."
  • "I'm afraid I'm all out of milk... noo!"
  • "Get in the back of the van! Duncan! Get in the back of the van!
  • "NICE!!"
  • "Hatfilms moving into Yogtowers is the best ever, it is the best thing that has happened to the Yogscast." (After Trott asks him how he really feels he replies:) "I wish I was dead."
  • "Stay in school, don't do drugs, hail Satan."
  • "Ahh, little piguu."
  • "Lewis, where there's blame, there's claim."
  • "Awwwwwwwww."

Solo Projects in Association with YogscastEdit

Simon has, on rare occasion, managed to hijack the BlueXephos channel on YouTube, enabling him to post content in which he is the central character. This content tends to be superficially innocent and light, but upon closer examination reveals a twisted, diabolical malevolence and passive aggressive Machiavellian instinct that can only mean Simon's ultimate goal for the Yogscast is total world domination. These videos generally fall into two basic yet far reaching categories, which are: Simon Sings, and Simon Plays. Oh, and let's not forget that "Pooping Butt" video.

The Simon Plays (insert game here) series are simple Let's Play videos of various computer/console games such as Portal 2; occasionally voiced in character, with a narrative thread roughly maintained throughout the video.

The Simon's Songs series of videos is a collection of brief musical interludes wherin Simon does his best vocal impersonation of a cat being used to clean a rug. These videos demonstrate Simon's mind at work, as he eventually arrives at the perfect understanding of the two key critical lyrical elements that have defined success for one of his favorite musical artists, Parry Grip, culminating in what is bound to be one of the top music videos of 2011, Elephant Having A Wank. The actual category the video will fall in to, best or worst of 2011, is still in doubt.


Title - Character - Year

  • Dwarfs! - Tutorial VO - 2011
  • Heroes of Newerth - Professor Repulsor - 2011
  • Awesomenauts - Skølldir - 2012
  • Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed - Yogscast (Himself) - 2013




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